What is medical profiloplasty?

Medical profiloplasty is an aesthetic medicine technique designed to make the profile beautiful and harmonious. Depending on your sex, you may opt for a more masculine or feminine profile. Since the arrival of social networks and selfies, profile beautification has been a growing demand.

Profile analysis

A harmonious profile has the following characteristics:
♦ It's beautiful to look at.
♦ Male or female features are well defined.
♦ The elements that make it up respect the divine proportion of the golden ratio (beautiPHIcation).
♦ The interplay of light, shadow, convexity and concavity makes it attractive (7/9 points shape).


Forehead The forehead is rounded on women and straight on men. Hollows are treated and bumps camouflaged. The height and projection of the eyebrows are calculated and modified according to gender.

Nose: medical rhinoplasty

Viewed from the side, the nose forms a convex curve in men and a concave curve in women. In most cases, we can create this curve and correct bumps and hollows.

Menton: medical genioplasty

We project the chin correctly: its projection is calculated in relation to the nose and lips. We design the shape best suited to the sex and morphology of the face: a rounded or rounded-square chin is sought in women, a square chin in men.


Women's lips are full and well-defined. In men, their volume depends on the morphology of the face and the patient's wishes. The upper lip is one third of the lower lip and projects a few millimetres beyond it. The white lip is concave, the red convex.


The cheekbone is the main feature of the female face. In women, the cheekbone is high and centred on the malar bone, following a gentle curve from the ear to the nose. Men's cheekbones are flat and rectangular.

Mandibular line

The mandibular line must be well defined; it is the most important feature of the male face. The lower third of the face is fairly wide in men, narrower in women. The mandibular angle is projected and square in men, rounded and softer in women.

How do you get a good-looking face in profile?

Medical profiloplasty is an aesthetic medicine treatment that must be carried out by an experienced practitioner. Analysis, technique, product expertise and knowledge of beauty criteria are essential.

Hyaluronic acid injections are the leading technique. This treatment makes it possible to beautify and harmonise the profile and lift the sagging tissues that weigh it down (the 8-point lift).

Botox injections are used to open the eyes in women and to reduce eyebrow droop in men.

Cryolipolysis is an interesting treatment for fatty deposits on the double chin.


Type de consultation Tarifs généralement pratiqués
Hyaluronic acid
CHF 600 per syringe for most indications
For certain indications between CHF 650 and 750 per syringe
one zone: CHF 300
two zones: CHF 450
three zones: CHF 600

one zone: CHF 350
two zones: CHF 500
three zones: CHF 650
CHF 800 per bottle
CHF 600 per session

Other areas to be treated

Lip gloss effect


Jawline and Texas lift

Masculinisation of the face

Feminisation of the face

The 7/9 points shape

Liquid face lift

MD codes

Refining the face

Bee lift