Obesité ou surpoids ?

Découvrez les différences essentielles, les causes sous-jacentes et les meilleures solutions esthétiques pour retrouver une silhouette harmonieuse et améliorer votre bien-être. Conseils pour gérer votre poids et prévenir les complications associées. Adoptez un mode de vie sain !

Bienfaits de la vitamine C en médecine esthétique

La vitamine C est un puissant antioxydant qui joue un rôle crucial en médecine esthétique. Elle est reconnue pour ses propriétés anti-âge, aidant à réduire les rides et à stimuler la production de collagène, ce qui améliore l’élasticité et la fermeté de la peau. En outre, la vitamine C est efficace pour éclaircir le teint, estomper les taches.

Female sexuality: when should you seek medical advice?

Certain morphological and anti-ageing medical procedures help to enhance women's sexuality, by reducing the discomfort experienced during sexual intercourse or increasing sensations tenfold.

Relaxation of the perineum and post-episiotomy pain: what can be done about it?

Childbirth can cause the perineum to relax, leading to urinary and sexual discomfort. Another consequence is a painful episiotomy scar. Certain morphological and anti-ageing medical procedures can help to remedy these post-pregnancy discomforts.

How to age well with anti-ageing medicine?

Keeping your skin smooth and radiant, your body firm and your figure shapely, helps you to look younger than your years. Using morphological and anti-ageing medicine techniques helps to counter the signs of ageing.

Post-pregnancy: how can you get back to your old shape?

After pregnancy, it can be complicated to get back to the body you had before. Accumulated kilos sometimes resist all sporting efforts. With cryolipolysis or radiofrequency, it's possible to lose weight and regain a flat stomach after pregnancy thanks to aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic medicine in Geneva: how a session is conducted and patient follow-up

In Geneva, Dr Valeria Romano's practice offers tailor-made aesthetic medical treatments (hyaluronic acid injections, laser, cryolipolysis, etc.).

The effects of fatigue and stress on the body and skin

The direct consequences of stress and lack of sleep on the skin are a dull, tired complexion and premature skin ageing. How do you remove bags under the eyes? Make dark circles disappear? Aesthetic medicine offers solutions.

Botox or hyaluronic acid: what are the differences?

In aesthetic medicine, it is possible to inject botulinum toxin (botox) or hyaluronic acid. The indications and characteristics of the two products differ.