What is 7/9 shape?

The 7/9 Point Shape ® technique is a variation of the MD Codes® used to beautify, 'sculpt', feminise or masculinise the face.
This involves a combination of 7 injection points for women and 9 points for men to reshape the face by lifting sagging tissues, defining the oval, reshaping and projecting the facial features.

Facial contouring: a tailor-made treatment

The 7/9 Point Shape ® is a revolutionary technique that can be performed at any age. Younger patients want to reshape the face, make it more feminine or masculine, and achieve sharper contours. Older patients want to treat age-related sagging and redefine contours and volumes.

The 7/9 Point Shape ® for mature women

The aim of the treatment is to :
♦ Lifting tissues that have become slack due to age, some of the points in the 7/9 Point Shape ® technique are common to the technique 8 Face Lift® points.
♦ Improve the oval.
♦ Restore lost volume, particularly around the cheekbone, which is the key feature of the female face.

There are seven injection points for women:
♦ CK1 and CK4 stitches are performed on the cheekbone and upper cheek to lift tissue and restore lost volume.
♦ The Jw1 point is made at the angle of the mandible to replace bone loss due to age.
♦ Points Jw4 and Jw5 are performed to define the oval by treating the inevitable fat and bone loss with age.
♦ Points C1 and C2 are performed to restore support to the corners of the mouth and soften the chin.

7/9 Point Shape ® for young women

The aim of the treatment is to :
♦ Sublimating beauty while respecting the rules of beautiPHIcation.
♦ Feminise the face.
♦ Create clean strokes, particularly around the oval.
♦ Drawing feminine shapes without necessarily creating volumes or giving volume where volume is lacking.

There are seven injection points for women:
♦ The CK1 and CK4 points are performed to lift the cheekbone and give it a domed shape by drawing a gentle curve that runs from the ear to the nose.
♦ The Jw1 point is made to define the mandibular angle without projecting it, unless the patient wishes otherwise.
♦ Points Jw4 and Jw5 are made to define the jawline.
♦ Points C1 and C2 are performed to define and feminise the chin.

7/9 Point Shape ® for young men

The aim of the treatment is to :
♦ Sublimating beauty by respecting the rules of beautiPHIcation.
♦ Masculinising the face.
♦ Giving character to the face.

There are nine injection sites in humans:
♦ CK1 and CK4 points are performed to lift sagging tissue and create a high, horizontal cheekbone.
♦ Points Jw1 and Jw2 are made to define and project the angle and vertical branch of the mandible.
♦ Points Jw4 and Jw5 are made to draw the jawline.
♦ Point C1, C2 and C5 are performed to masculinise the chin: projection and creation of a square shape.

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Facial contouring: a one-off face-lift using aesthetic medicine

The practitioner must be trained in this technique. Despite the schematisation and reproducibility of the injection protocol, personal expertise, an artist's eye and technical mastery make all the difference between doctors.
This reshaping of the face is inspired by contouring: a make-up technique that creates a play of light and shadow to highlight certain elements and erase others.
Injections are carried out with a needle or cannula, and the depths, products and quantities used are adapted to the morphology of each face to bring out its natural beauty.
The points injected are 7 for women and 9 for men. These two extra points are added to virilise the chin.
We handle :
♦ Cheekbones (CK1, CK4).
♦ The mandibular angle (JW1, JW 4, JW 5 plus JW2 in men).
♦ The chin (C1, C2 plus C5 in men).

Results and follow-up

The result is immediate but improves within two weeks. The after-effects are minimal, and haematomas are rare and small. There is no social exclusion.
The injection session lasts around thirty minutes. Sometimes a second session is required after three weeks.
The result lasts a year.


Type de consultation Tarifs généralement pratiqués
Hyaluronic acid
CHF 600 per syringe for most indications
For certain indications between CHF 650 and 750 per syringe
Botox upper face
one zone: CHF 300
two zones: CHF 450
three zones: CHF 600

one zone: CHF 350
two zones: CHF 500
three zones: CHF 650
CHF 900 per bottle
CHF 400 per syringe

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