Qu’est-ce que la carboxythérapie?

La carboxythérapie est une technique de médecine esthétique qui consiste à injecter sous la peau le gaz CO2 médical stérile. Depuis un siècle ce gaz est utilisé en médecine, cela est gage d’innocuité et d’absence d’effets secondaires. L’augmentation locale de la concentration de CO2 augmente le débit sanguin, l’oxygénation et la nutrition des tissus où l’injection a eu lieu.

Indications for carboxytherapy

This process improves skin hydration and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres by skin cells. It has the advantage of being quick and can be carried out at any time of year on all skin types.
The indications are :
♦ Cellulite.
♦ Stretch marks.
♦ Moderate skin slackening.
♦ Improving theoval of the faceby acting on skin slackening.
♦ Small fine lines, particularly on the lower eyelid.
♦ Dark circles pigmentary.
♦ Pleated elbows and knees.
This technique is not recommended for pregnant women or those taking anticoagulants.

Course of the session

The injection is carried out on disinfected skin after photographs have been taken.
For body treatments, I recommend applying an anaesthetic cream one hour before the session.
The needle used is very fine, and the depth of injection, the number of injections and the inclination of the needle depend on the indication.
The protocol involves around ten sessions, one week apart. The result should be maintained by two or three sessions every two months.

Results and limitations of the technique

This technique improves the suppleness, elasticity and texture of the skin.
Results are slight and vary from patient to patient.
The only exception is cellulite, which is considerably improved by carboxytherapy. Nevertheless, several sessions are required: fifteen sessions at one-week intervals as an initial treatment and a maintenance session every fortnight for life!

I recommend this technique more as a preventive treatment, particularly on the areas of the body where the signs of ageing appear most quickly: eyelids, knees, elbows, oval of the face, buttocks.
A session will then be held every month and a half.


Type de consultation Tarifs généralement pratiqués
CHF 100 per session and zone

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