What is the lip gloss effect?

The gloss effect is a lip injection technique used to moisturise lips without adding volume. The aim is to treat chapped lips, prevent them from drying out and give a plump effect by making them more attractive. Lack of moisture in the lips is a fairly frequent reason for consultation and is not necessarily linked to ageing. Hyaluronic acid injections are an effective technique for meeting this need.

How to prevent dry lips

Lips lack the sebaceous and sweat glands that produce the protective hydrolipidic surface film. This is why lips become dehydrated, chapped and damaged. External aggressors (cold, tobacco, etc.) exacerbate this condition. The extent and speed of this phenomenon do not necessarily depend on age, but rather on the anatomical characteristics of each person's lips. Lip hydration varies throughout the day, and topical treatments (lip balms, for example) provide temporary relief from this condition, but a lack of deep hydration can be treated exclusively with hyaluronic acid injections.

How to moisturise chapped lips?

We recommend using balms (rather than sticks) containing fats, occlusive agents (beeswax, etc.), healing agents (vitamin E) and soothing agents (oats).

Things to avoid when you have chapped lips

When lips are chapped, it is advisable to :
♦ Avoid applying any product containing perfume.
♦ Avoid applying heat to the lips, as heat accelerates the disappearance of the lipid film that protects the lips.
♦ Avoid applying poor quality cosmetics.
♦ Avoid exposure to the sun: it is advisable to apply lip balms with UV protection.
♦ Avoid licking your lips because of the enzymes contained in saliva.

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The technique

Hyaluronic acid injections have a moisturising effect on the lips.
We recommend that you take certain steps to keep your lips moisturised on a daily basis: apply lip balms every day, eat a balanced, healthy diet, use good quality cosmetics, remove make-up from the lips, avoid aggravating factors (tobacco, sun, etc.) and exfoliate the lips with a soft toothbrush.
The injection is carried out with a needle and the product is placed in the superficial submucosa.
The doctor must be trained in this technique: an unsuccessful injection causes the lip to curl up, better known as duck mouth (the product is injected too deeply) or balls to appear on the surface (the product is injected too superficially).
The hyaluronic acid used is weakly cross-linked and its particles are very fine.
The injection is slightly painful, but the anaesthetic contained
in the product works fairly quickly. I don't apply any anaesthetic cream, which causes swelling of the lips and reduces the visibility needed to identify the correct injection site.

From lip volumising injections can complement this procedure if the patient so wishes and if her anatomy permits.

Results and follow-up

The result is not immediate. Although the final result is a plump effect with no increase in volume, post-injection swelling is frequent and varies according to the individual.
We systematically announce two days of significant swelling. The final result is obtained seven days after the injection.
The result lasts between six and ten months.


Type de consultation Tarifs généralement pratiqués
Hyaluronic acid
CHF 600 per syringe

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