What are MD codes?

MD Codes are a new approach to the face initiated by Dr Mauricio di Maio, a Brazilian cosmetic surgeon. Facial ageing and morphology are treated in a considered manner using codes. For each element of the face, identified by a letter, the treatment plan is defined by numbers.

Application of the MD Codes

MD Codes are facial injections designed to reveal and enhance the beauty of each face, reinforce positive emotions and eliminate negative ones.
For the first time, it is possible to treat facial ageing by acting on the causes rather than the consequences.
The face is divided into anatomical units defined by a letter. Each letter is accompanied by a number that defines the order of injection.
For each result we want to achieve, an equation gives the treatment plan.
For example, for facial rejuvenation, we can have this type of equation: CK1+ CK2+ CK3+ CK4+Tt1+ Tt2+ Tt3+Lp1+ Lp2+ Lp3+ Lp4+ Lp5+ Lp6+ Lp7+ Jw1+ Jw4+C1+C2.

MD Code variations

Several treatments are possible using this revolutionary technique:
♦ Treatment for every element of the face: for each anatomical structure, a reproducible treatment map has been designed.
♦ The 8 points lift Medical face lift.
♦ The 7/9 points shape Facial contouring.
♦ The masculinisation of the face.
♦ The feminisation of the face.
♦ The profiloplasty.
♦ Restoring facial dynamics by eliminating negative emotions.

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MD Codes: the technique

The MD Codes are produced with hyaluronic acid and botox injections.
For each element of the face or effect you want to achieve, everything is specified:
♦ Quantity of product to be injected: to be adapted
♦ Depth of injection: bone contact, subcutaneous, deep dermal...
♦ Technique: bolus, fan, retro-tracer, etc.
♦ Type of product used: products differ in terms of their density, cross-linking, firmness...
♦ MD Codes declination chosen: often several declinations are used.
♦ Type of muscle modulation to be performed.

Hyaluronic acid is injected using a metrological standard, making its use reproducible and more scientific.
This technique must be carried out by an experienced practitioner - you can't improvise yourself as an expert MD Codes!

Results and follow-up

Results are immediate for hyaluronic acid injections and visible after a week for botox.
The after-effects are minimal, and haematomas are rare and very small.
This technique, if performed by an experienced practitioner, restores facial volumes, improves fine lines, erases negative emotions, sculpts the face and gives a radiant glow. The result is natural and harmonious.

The main requests from patients are dealt with:
♦ Appear less relaxed.
♦ Look less sad.
♦ Appear less tired.
♦ Appear less severe.
♦ To appear more refined.
♦ Look younger.
♦ Look more feminine.
♦ Look more masculine.


Type de consultation Tarifs généralement pratiqués
Hyaluronic acid
CHF 600 per syringe
one zone: CHF 300
two zones: CHF 450
three zones: CHF 600

one zone: CHF 350
two zones: CHF 500
three zones: CHF 650
CHF 900 per bottle
CHF 400 per syringe

Other areas to be treated

Lip gloss effect


Jawline and Texas lift

Masculinisation of the face

Feminisation of the face

The 7/9 points shape

Liquid face lift

Refining the face


Bee lift