We have killed beauty by forbidding us to give thanks for it. Aspiring to beauty magnifies the world".
Sophie Sherine Hutt

Practising aesthetic medicine for the past ten years has enabled me to create my own protocols for beautifying and rejuvenating the face, and to master and adapt them to each individual facial anatomy:

♦ Classic but technically complicated treatments, such as injections for dark circles and the orbital++ area in general. The complexity of these procedures explains why few doctors carry them out and the frequency of failures.
♦ Quite specific treatments that fall within the scope of facial sublimation, such as medical lift, facial contouring, profiloplasty..., which require perfect technical mastery, an expert eye and knowledge of treatment protocols that were, in most cases, developed by Dr Mauricio di Maio, the inventor of MD Codes.
♦ Unprecedented treatment protocols.

Dark circles

Hollow eye

Opening your eyes

Beautifying the face

Red carpet

Skin prevent

Skin restore