What is beautiPHIcation?

LLa BeautiPHIcation™ is a facial analysis technique whose aim is to create harmonious proportions. Beauty, in fact, is achieved not only by restoring youthfulness, but also by the balance created between anatomical structures. The golden ratio, also known as Phi, represents the perfect relationship we are trying to restore between the elements of the face, and has a value of 1.618.

How do you get a pretty face? What is a harmonious face?

Leonardo da Vinci spent a long time studying the mathematical code of beauty and perfection. He found the PHI ratio, which is considered the perfect proportion.
On the face, this ratio can be reproduced using a harmony compass. The elements of the face are measured and modified with the help of this compass to bring them closer to perfect proportion.
A harmonious face is one in which the PHI rule is respected and which meets the five criteria of natural beauty:
♦ The purity of the contours.
♦ Symmetry.
♦ Harmonious proportions.
♦ A good balance between areas of light and shadow.
♦ Good skin quality.

Hyaluronic acid injections for facial beauty

Using the compass, the elements of the face are measured and studied in isolation and in overall harmony. They will be modified (lengthened, projected, increased...) by targeting the divine proportion: the golden ratio. The rejuvenation and beautification will be discreet and natural, independent of age, sex and ethnic origin, since they are regulated by a mathematical rule. These changes are achieved by injections of hyaluronic acid, with immediate results lasting around a year.

Applying the golden ratio creates a pleasant face and pleasing to the eye looking at him.
The creation of proportions considered divine (the golden ratio) is also done at the profile level to embellish and harmonise it.

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Type de consultation Tarifs généralement pratiqués
Hyaluronic acid
CHF 600 per syringe

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