What is facial feminisation?

Feminisation of the face is an aesthetic medicine technique that aims to create feminine features in a woman or a man (transgenic path) or to enhance existing feminine features. The face is analysed in its entirety in order to propose a personalised treatment protocol.

Transgender journey

Cosmetic medicine techniques play a marginal role in the transgender journey. The essential changes are obtained through surgery.
Nevertheless, certain treatments help to soften the face:
♦ Lip injection: plump, well-shaped lips are a beauty asset.
♦ Cheekbone injection: the main feature of the middle third of the face, a rounded, concave cheekbone feminises the face.
♦ Skin management: mesotherapy, PRXT33 peeling and skin prevent or skin restore protocols will be offered depending on the skin's needs.

What makes a face feminine?

The ideal of feminine beauty has evolved over time, but certain features are still considered universally feminine.

♦ perfect, luminous skin
Our skin is the first contact we make with others. Skin should be soft, moisturised, dense, luminous, fine-grained and free of imperfections. Unfortunately, over time, it becomes dull and slack.

♦ Beautiful cheekbones
The most important feature of the face is the cheekbone. In women, the cheekbone is high, centred on the malar bone, well defined and follows a gentle curve from the ear to the nose.

♦ From lips attractive
The lips are well defined, sensual and full. The lower lip is fuller than the upper and has a curved shape.

♦ A lovely chin
The female chin is more elegant, narrower, less high and projected than the male chin. Two shapes are considered feminine: the rounded chin and the square-arched chin.

♦ front female
The female forehead is convex in profile, describing a gentle curve from the hairline to the superciliary arches.

♦ nose harmonious
The main characteristic of a woman's nose is to be in harmony with the face.
The female nose is concave (the male nose is convex) and the columella has a double curvature.
The nasofrontal angle is 120°-125° in women and more open in men.
The naso-frontal angle is 95°-110° and more closed in men.

♦ open view and well-defined eyebrows

How do you feminise your face?
Aesthetic medicine techniques

Feminising the face using aesthetic medicine techniques has become a popular option for those wishing to soften their features and achieve a more feminine appearance without resorting to invasive surgery. Thanks to significant advances in the field, a variety of non-surgical methods can be used to reshape and harmonise facial features to meet individual expectations. Here's an overview of the main techniques used to achieve these results.

The leading technique for feminising the face is the injection ofhyaluronic acid.
Injections are carried out with a cannula or needle, using different techniques and injection depths. The type of acid used (firmness, volumising capacity, cross-linking, etc.) will depend on the area to be treated and the patient's anatomy.
The face is treated in its entirety from the front, from the side (using the profiloplasty medical) and for each element to feminise all the structures of the face.

The botox injections are used for :
♦ Open your eyes.
♦ Treat wrinkles in the upper third of the face (lion wrinkleforehead wrinklescrow's feet wrinkles) which age and give a sad, tired look.
♦ Refining the face.

Several techniques are available for sublimating the skin: the mesotherapythe PRXT33 peelthe GWPthe skin boosters. Protocols such as the skin preventthe skin restore and the red carpet will be offered according to the needs of each patient.


Type de consultation Tarifs généralement pratiqués
Hyaluronic acid
CHF 600 per syringe for most indications
For certain indications between CHF 650 and 750 per syringe
one zone: CHF 300
two zones: CHF 450
three zones: CHF 600
CHF 400 per syringe
CHF 250 per session
CHF 200 per session
CHF 500 per session
CHF 900 per bottle

Other areas to be treated

Lip gloss effect


Jawline and Texas lift

Masculinisation of the face

Refining the face

The 7/9 points shape

Liquid face lift

MD codes


Bee lift