What is a medical lift?

The liquid face lift is a variation of the MD Codes. This is an aesthetic medicine technique with immediate results. Hyaluronic acid injections are performed in strategic places to lift the face without adding volume. Visit botulinum toxin injections also have a role to play in opening up your gaze.

The causes

Facial sagging starts around the age of thirty and gets progressively worse.
The fat falls away, the volumes reabsorb, the first wrinkles appear and the face becomes sad and tired.
The causes of facial sagging are :
♦ Genetics: the speed of the phenomenon is partly genetically determined.
♦ The reabsorption of bone and fat, which are the supporting structures of the face.
♦ The fall of malar fat.
♦ Hormonal variations (at the time of pregnancy or the menopause, for example).
♦ Rapid weight loss.
♦ Intrinsic skin thinning (due to the passage of time) and extrinsic skin thinning (due to aggravating factors: smoking, the sun...).

How do you correct facial sagging?
Face lifting without surgery with hyaluronic acid injections

The 8 Points Face Lift is a face-lift technique that does not add volume. It is obtained by injections of very firm hyaluronic acid.
The principle is to treat the causes of slackening:
Restore lost volume (bone and fat): the injections are very deep (in contact with the bone) and deep (deep fat). Reinforce the eight support points of the face that weaken over time: the injections are very deep (in contact with the bone). This is therefore a dual-plane technique.
The areas treated are :
♦ The valley of tears (point 3 on the image).
♦ The nasolabial fold (point 4 on the image).
♦ The cheekbones (points 1 and 2 on the image).
♦ The jugal region (point 8 on the image).
♦ The labial commissure (point 5 on the image).
♦ The mandibular line (points 6 and 7 on the image).
There is no specific age at which treatment should begin, and the amount of product used will depend on the patient's anatomy. Often, the indication for treatment arises just before the age of thirty.

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This treatment is recommended in the following situations:
Impression of a drooping face.
Looking sad and tired.
Loss of facial volume.
Change in the shape of the face from the triangular shape typical of teenagers to a rectangular shape.
The first unsightly signs of relaxation appear: nasolabial foldfolds of bitternessjowls.
Certain indications remain the domain of surgery: major sagging or excessively large volume losses are an indication for surgery.

This treatment is often combined with two complementary techniques:
Injections of Sculptra This product densifies the skin and subcutaneous fat.
Le fractional ablative laser This technique thickens the skin.

Results and follow-up

The results of hyaluronic acid are immediate and last about a year.
In most cases, one session is enough. Sometimes, when the number of syringes to be used is large, two sessions, one month apart, will be carried out. The number of syringes to be used depends on the patient's anatomy and varies from one to six.
The after-effects are minimal, although small haematomas are possible and temporary.


Type de consultation Tarifs généralement pratiqués
Hyaluronic acid
CHF 600 per syringe
one zone: CHF 300
two zones: CHF 450
three zones: CHF 600

one zone: CHF 350
two zones: CHF 500
three zones: CHF 650
CHF 900 per bottle
CHF 650 per session

Other areas to be treated

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